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The Organization

"The Mystic Krewe of the Kingdom of Lamuria"

Purpose of the Organization

The "Mystic Krewe of the Kingdom of Lamuria" is a not for profit social organization dedicated to promoting the Renaissance/Medieval era through entertainment and education. This organization, being a coalition of various Renaissance and living history groups, corporate and individual sponsors and patrons was founded on the idea that through education more individuals would come to appreciate the finer aspects of a culture far removed from our own. A period, where by chivalry and sportsmanship were the rule of the day. A time in which the virtues of a noble man or chaste woman were the norm. Through various planned activities we promote not only the ideas of the period but also bring a greater presence of knowledge to the community through education and entertainment. The local community benefits through these activities and thus prospers from the created tourism such events provide.

An elected Board of Directors and Royal Court governs the "Mystic Krewe of the Kingdom of Lamuria". The Board of directors includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations Director, and three Board Members at large. It is the responsibility of this board to manage and direct the organization and its activities as a whole. The Royal Court includes an elected King, Queen, Princess Royal, Prince Royal, and up to six Princesses of the Realm, six Princes of the Realm, three Ladies in waiting, three Lords, three Squires and three Pages.

Each Febuary the organization and its members promote, coordinate and direct the presentation of a Renaissance/Medieval themed Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball to the local community. In addition, a buffet dinner is presented for all of the members of the Board of Directors, Royal Court and its patrons, sponsors and guests. Through this process the organization raises money which endows a scholarship fund for those individuals who are seeking a higher education in Music, Art, History or Humanities through an accredited College or University and provides financial assistance to groups and or individuals who bring Performing or Fine Art programs to the Hopkinsville community.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of "The Mystic Krewe of the Kingdom of Lamuria" is an elected body who regulates the activities of the organization and to which end presents to the community at large a positive portrayal of Renaissance/Medieval Courtly life through community service and education. The Board may at times elect to amend the By-laws of the organization and then present it to the general membership for ratification. The Board has the power to increase and or levy nominal membership dues as may be required to conduct the overall business, maintenance and growth of the group. These dues must be voted on by a majority of the Board of Directors and approved by the President. The board consists of the following officers and appointed or elected officials…

President: It is the duty of the president to oversee the functions and activities of the organization as a whole. He/she is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Board of Directors and of the members and to maintain order and direction in all functions promoted or organized by the organization. The President is elected by a vote of the general membership to serve one year and has the veto power over all projects and activities proposed by the Board. He/she also may cast a deciding vote in the case of a tie during elections, nominations, and proposed amendments to the organization charter.

Vice President: The Vice President is responsible for fulfilling all duties granted by the President and to act on his/her behalf in time of his/her absence during regular scheduled Board meetings or functions. In addition the Vice president, along with the Treasurer is responsible for all cash disbursements made on behalf of the organization and therefore must approve and sign all vouchers or checks distributed. He/she may cast one vote in all elections and proposals before the board or general membership.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for maintaining records of all activities pertaining to, but not limited to, the monthly Board of Directors meetings and minutes. In addition, he/she is responsible for all communication and disbursement or dissemination of information as decreed by the President or Board of Directors to the organization members, sponsors and or patrons. He/she may cast one vote in all elections and proposals before the board or general membership.

 Treasurer: He/she is responsible for all financial accountability and to work along with the Secretary to maintain accurate records for the purpose of tax reporting and the preparation of financial reports as deemed fit by the Board of Directors or the local governing agencies. In addition, he/she, along with the Vice President, has the responsibility to maintain and record all disbursements of funds and must sign all vouchers and checks. He/she may cast one vote in all elections and proposals before the board or general membership.

Public Relations Director: The Public Relations Director is responsible for producing and distributing monthly reports of activities to all members in the form of a newsletter. He/she is to act as go between for the organization, its members, sponsors, patrons, participants, and the community, and to provide timely notice of all upcoming events to all who may need to know. It is the additional responsibility of this officer to organize and distribute all press-related materials including but not limited to membership or participation applications, print ads, flyers, news- letters, and press releases. He/she may cast one vote in all elections and proposals before the board or general membership.

Board Member at Large: In addition to the officers mentioned above, it is the responsibility of the general membership to elect three Board Members at Large. Of whom it is the responsibility to full fill duties as approved by the Board as a whole and or to act as committee chairmen in coordination of the authorized events sponsored by the organization. They are to fill vacancies as they may arrive due to the resignation of, or removal of another officer by the majority vote of the general membership and board for failing to maintain the responsibilities assigned to them. He/she may cast one vote in all elections and proposals before the board or general membership.

Appointed Chairmen and Committees: The President and Board of Directors has in its power the right to appoint, without the prior notice or consent of the general membership, members in good standing to the post of Committee chairman to conduct and oversee activities approved by the board. These committees will be active only as long as required and members may be replaced or removed at the discretion of the board. The committee chairman has no voting right in matters related to the responsibility of the board however he/she can vote in all elections and propositions proposed to the general membership.


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The Organization
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