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Current Officers

The current officers are as follows
Kenneth McIntosh: President
Kenneth Winger: Vice President
Jo Sinclair: Secretary
Treasurer: Kenneth Winger
Susan Haneline: Public Relations Director
Dave Bennett: Sargeant at Arms
Board Members: Cat Bennett, Colleen Kelly, Glen Brandon

Members of the 2009 Royal Court ...
To be announced...

Past Monarchs
King Arthurius Rex I: Norman Boudro, 2005, Mortons Gap KY
Queen Meloria I: Judy Boudro, 2005, Mortons Gap KY

King Arthurius Rex II: Kenneth McIntosh, 2006, Hopkinsville KY
Queen Meloria II: Cheryl Cotten, 2006, Hopkinsville KY

Sultan Arthurius Rex III: Paul Barnes, 2007, Hopkinsville KY

Queen Meloria III: Nancie Gibson-Clark, 2007, Hopkinsville KY

Emperor Arthurius Rex IV: David Bennett, 2008 ( King of Lamuria ) Madisonville KY

Empress Meloria IV: Colleen Kelly, 2008 ( Lady Hana ) Hopkinsville KY


Our Sponsors & Patrons

Current Officers
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