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Rogues Gallery Photos

Events which the group has sponsored and or participated in ...

White Elephant Sale, Jun, 2004
a Fundraiser for the Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival Oct, 2004, Tie Breaker Park
a Renaissance themed mini festival with more then 1500 attendees.


Hopkinsville Christmas Parade 2004
winner of the best decoration catagory

Clarksville Christmas Parade Dec, 2004
participant & float entry

Mardi Gras Madness Ball Feb, 2005
a "SMASH HIT"with more then 125 attendees

Members of the Royal Court

Ladies In Waiting & Highland Visitors

Mardi Gras Madness Ball 2006
Holiday Inn Hopkinsville
Friday,  February 17th 8pm-Midnight

Rogues Gallery from the 2006 Mardi Gras Madness Masquerade Ball

Part of our Motly Krewe, Women on a Mission ( our door staff )
Honorable Attendees in Formal Attire
More Rogues for the Gallery
Our Arch Bishop Opening the Ceremony,  2006 King Arthurius II & Queen Meloria II
Punishment for the masses, treat for all.
Maidens of the Kingdom
Krewe Board Members, A Special Guest
Daphne getting flirty, Double trouble
More revaling at the ball

Mardi Gras Ball 2007, A night in Paradise
Tales of the Arabian Knights

Sultan Arthurius Rex III and his Queen Meloria III

Our Belly Dancers             Reveling at the ball

Visiting Shiek and his concubine,  His own Harem???

Gettin limber in the Limbo Contest

Happily Never After: A Halloween Masked Ball
October 2007 , Unitarian Universalist Church Coffee House

MG Madness IV 2008
"A Journey on the Silk Road, The Travels of Marco Polo"
Friday February 8th, 2008, War Memorial Building,
S. Virginia Street, Hopkinsville, KY

Hopkinsville Fall Fun Fest 2008
A Fall harvest festival with 1870 attendees
Saturday September 27th, 2008
Virginia Park & Gazebo

Vendors Market Place

Carnival Games

More Carnival Games

Lane's Concessions

Castle Bounce: Provided by Backyard Bouncers

"Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler"
"Let the good times roll"

Our Sponsors & Patrons

Are you in need of a costume for the Ball. Click on one of the links here and MKKL will earn a small commision on your purchase