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Fall Fun Fest Performers

Below is information on the major performers and acts that will be appearing at the 2008 Fall Fun Fest. This list will be updated as we confirm more entertainment. So please check back often. This list is subject to change without notice.

DJ & PA Services provided by :

Bravo One Productions
with our favorite DJ, Jay Jensen

 Live Music Provided By:

Sexstone is a band hailing from Dawson Springs, a very small town in Western Kentucky. Their music is intense and versatile, taking influence from a variety of styles and generations. From the 60's to the 90's, they are influenced by them all. Best described as heavy rock with a vintage, almost psychadelic edge! Each song sets a certain mood, and may run through a flurry of moods. Their philosophy is, " If you can't Feel the music, then it's not worth listening to." From laid back to heavy, they let the music speak for itself. Love 'em or hate 'em, just check them out and decide for yourself.

For more information about this band and to sample some of their music please visit: or

Manic Bloom: A piano driven alternative rock band hailing from Nashville Tennessee. In a town well known for a country music landscape, the five members of Manic Bloom stepped onto an unstable terrain of progressive rock and neo-romantic classical piano. Over time, a sound began to emanate that was more than simply piecing together chords and rhythms. Rather, it originated from connecting the physical with the spiritual, frenzy with order, power with beauty. This group has appeared live at several local and regional venues and is always a smash hit. One of the best new bands in Tennessee.

For more information about this band, to view their press kit or to sample
some of their music please visit: ,    or ,

Hillbilly String Social
Hillbilly String Social is a Bluegrass band from Somerset Kentucky. Simply put, these guys are a good time waiting to happen. Out of what once was considered a mountain music revival, comes a chance for some to prove that mountain music was never dead. With their own brand of old time mountain music, charged with a youthful regeneration, The Hillbilly String Social prides itself on keeping alive a regional style of music that finds itís survival in the interpretation and willingness to carry on by future generations. You don't have to be a bluegrass fan to enjoy the ringing banjo flailings of Yogi Tolliver, the staccato tremelo picking of JK Soard on mandolin, the chug-a-lugging, but fast paced acoustic guitar of Jordan Shokooh, and the low-down dirty bass stylings of Lil' Ricky Winstead.

 Ray Ligon: Country & Western Musician.
"It's all about touchin' folks with the music!"

Plus other regional bands from the surrounding area!

 Talent Showcase & Open Competition:

A venue for local talented individuals and groups to showcase their talents and to compete for a variety of prizes. Categories for both amatuer and professional performers. This competition is open to all. See the Fall Fun Fest Talent Showcase page of this site for entry details and a printable application.

See also the Talent Showcase Categories for available divisions.

See also the Fall Fun Fest Activities page of this site for more attractions and activities for all ages.


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