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Talent Showcase Categories
Acceptable categories for the *Fall Fun Fest Talent Showcase and Competition 2008*

When entering the competition please specify which category best describes your talent on the entry form using the codes listed below. You also need to be sure to state what level you wish to compete at, your age level and whether or not you are an amateur or professional. Please note that only those competing in the professional category are eligible for cash awards, all others will receive trophies, medals or ribbons depending upon the total number of entries. All judging will be handled by a qualified panel of judges and their decision is final. For more details see below.

Please note: Amateur dance and gymnastic acts are limited to a maximum of 3 minutes per performance before deductions are calculated. Amateur music acts are limited to 5 minutes. Professional solo and duet acts will be given 5 minutes per performance.

Professional bands who perform in our "Band Challange" as part of the scheduled festival entertainment will be given up to 45 minutes per set. These bands  may also participate in the Talent Showcase professional category where they may perform one song or medley lasting no more then 5 minutes.

Categories of Dance & Gymnastics ( limited to 3 minute performance )

1A- Modern ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1B- Interpretive ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1C- Lyrical ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1D- Ballet ( solo, duet or ensemble routines )
1E- Jazz ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1F- Tap ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1G- Hip Hop, B-Boy, Pop & Lock , Crumping
1H- Disco ( traditional 1970's style )
1I- Ball Room Smooth ( no lifts above shoulders )
1J- Ball Room Latin ( no lifts above shoulders )
1K- Ball Room Theatre Arts ( lifts and drops allowed )
1L- Ball Room Formation Team ( minimum 2 couples )
1M- Broadway ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1N- Salsa ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1O- Country & Western ( includes Line Dance formations )
1P- Clogging ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1Q- Irish Step Dancing ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1R- Other Folk Dancing ( includes solo and ensemble routines )
1S- Rhythmic Gymnastics

Categories Of Music: Musicians, Bands  and Vocalist ( limited to 5 minute performance )

2A- Rock ( classic, soft, hard, acid, heavy metal, grunge, garage )
2B- Country & Western
2C- Big Band
2D- Jazz ( classic , progressive, interpretive )
2E- Classical
2F- Opera
2G- Gospel
2H- Hip Hop
2I- Rap
2J- Fusion
2K- Folk
2L- International
2M- Other ( please specify )

Categories for the Theatre Arts division ( limited to 5 minutes unless otherwise noted )

3A- Actor ( 3 minute monologue )
3B- Actress ( 3 minute monologue )
3C- Comedian
3D- Mime
3E- Magician or Illusionist
3F- Juggler
3G- Circus or Animal Act
3H- Specialty Act
3I- Other ( please specify )

Each act will be judged on its own merit with consideration given to the age and experience of each performer. Some categories may be combined depending upon the total number of entries. Mandatory deductions will be taken for going over time, restarts, costume malfunctions, and failure to complete the performance.

All performers must be in costume and ready to take the stage when called. Those performers who do not appear after two calls may, at the option of the judges panel, be removed from the competition or placed into another category or round. Restarts will not be allowed unless the music was miscued accidentally or in the case of other technical issues beyond our control.

Limited changing areas will be provided for the use of the performers and their dressers only. No electricity will be available for hair dryers, curling irons or the like. Due to the size of these areas only those physically assisting the perfomer will be allowed admittance. Space will be alloted on a first come first served basis. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of any items left unattended in the dressing area.

The maximum number of Points a performer can earn is 100.
These points will be scored in the following areas:

Technique 50 points, based on the technical skill of the performer in their given category.

Style 25 points, Style is defined as the personality and character of the performance.

Presentation 15 points, presentation is based on the overall poise, confidence, professionalism, general appeal and audience approval.

Costume 10 points, costumes should be representative of the act being performed, tasteful and non distracting.

Amateur Routines are limited to a maximum of 3 minutes for dance and gymnastics and 5 minutes for vocalists, musicians and other Theatre Arts categories.. Points will be deducted for going over the time limit. Time will be calculated from the first step, word or beat of the music in the performance. Music accompaniments should be presented in CD format with the name of the performer or group and the track clearly indicated. Any additional prop, apparatus, mat or accompaniment is the sole responsibility of the performer. Acts that are considered provocative, indecent, lude, suggestive and or of a non family friendly nature will be excluded from participation. The total available performance area is 16'x12' and all acts will be presented on a wood platform stage.


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