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Fall Fun Fest Activities

 Carnival Games and Activities Provided by:

Members of The Mystic Krewe of the Kingdom of Lamuria
Mardi Gras' Association: Proceeds from these events go to local charities

( Games of skill, fun for all ages )
Poker Pitch, 1 chip on wins choice, 10 chips per turn
Balloon Darts, pop 1 to win med. pop 2 to win lg, 3 darts per turn
Ring Toss, ring 1 to win choice, 10 rings per turn
7-11 Dice, roll a 7,11 or Double 6's to win choice, 3 rolls
Ping Pong Toss, 1 in wins choice, 12 balls per turn
Pirate Bean Bag Toss, 1 in wins small, 2 in med , 3 bags per turn

( Little Kid's Games )
Pluck a Duck Pond, winner every time, X wins Rubber Ducky
Ye Olde Fishing Hole, winner every time

See Also below: Cake Walk, Children's Bounce, Relay Races, Fourtune Teller and Children's Joust for more little kids games and activities.

Break A Board: Martial Arts demonstrations and the opportunity for guests to try their hand at martial arts and board breaking. 5 tickets per session

Cake Walk Contest, end up on the right number when the music stops to win a fresh baked treat. Fun for children as well as adults. Minimum 12 players per turn. 1 ticket to enter.

Children's  Bounce, 5 minutes of bouncing fun for ages 12 and under. 3 tickets per child, per session. Provided by Backyard Bouncers LLC. of Hopkinsville KY. , Children's Giant Inflatables. 270-885-7880, " We deliver the Fun to Your Parties!"

Gypsy Fortune Teller : Find out what the future holds for you with our wild Gypsy fortune teller. But beware of her eveil eye curse. Fun for all ages. 2 tickets per reading.

Free Relay Races: Enter the three legged race, sack race, egg drop race, and balloon pop race. Winners of each race receive ribbons. Fun for all ages. Heats are broken down by age group and physical size. Minimum 6 entries per race.

Children's Jousting Tournament : Put on the padded armor and prepare to do battle just like the knights of old while using padded lance's or swords. Points are scored for each hit on your opponents shield or armor. Points are deducted for un-sportsmen like behavior or out of bounds hits. Winners of each round win ribbons. Contests are grouped by age and physical size of the combatants. Parental consent required. Minimum 4 combatants per tournament. 1 ticket to enter.

Wacky Dance Contest: Put on your groove thing and dance in our wild and wacky just for fun dance contest. Will it be the Waltz, Hula, Twist, or a Boot Scootin Boogie? Only the DJ knows for sure and he might just change the music mid stream so you better keep up. Winners of each round are selected by the audience and receive medals. Open to all age groups. Couples or singles. Minimum 4 entries per turn. 1 ticket to enter per person.

Pie Eating Contest: Get your taste buds set and ready to go for this fast and furious Pie Eating Contest. The first person to finish their complete pie without using their hands wins. 5 tickets to enter, minimum of 10 entries per round. Winner receives a trophy, 1st and 2nd runner up receive ribbons. Fun for all ages.

Pumpkin Carving Contest: This is two contests rolled up into one. First the contestants will try to see who is the fastest pumpkin carver in town. Each participant must carve out a replaceable lid, two eyes, a nose, a mouth with at least two teeth and two ears after completly cleaning out the provided pumpkin. Judging will then be based upon speed, cleanliness, neatness of carving and completion of the assigned tasks. Then, in the second round, each participant will be given 15 minutes to carve the most elaborate, original and decorative Jack O' Lantern. Minimum of 10 entries per round. 5 tickets to enter. Winner receives a trophy. 1st and 2nd runners up win ribbons. Due to the use of sharp carving utensils you must be 16 and over to compete. Personal carving tools and knives are allowed for use by the contest participants only.

Apple Bobbing Contest: This is a contest of speed and agility as participants battle to see who can grab an apple using only their teeth in the shortest amount of time while being blindfolded and with hands tied behind the back. 1 ticket to enter, winners receive ribbons. Fun for all ages.

Free Limbo Contest: The question is "HOW LOW CAN YOU GO"? The object of this contest is to see who can get under the limbo bar at the lowest level while bending backwards and keeping rhythm with the music. If you loose your balance, put your hands on the ground or fall you're out! Winner of each round wins a prize.

Professional and Amateur Talent Showcase & Contest
see the Fall Fun Fest Talent Showcase for more details on how to enter.

Arts & Crafts Booths: A non juried showcase and sale of hand made or crafted merchandise by some of Kentucky's finest artists and craftsmen.

Commercial Vendor Booths: Looking for unusual gifts or a momento of your vist? Then be sure to stop by  the Vendors Market Place where you will find quality merchandise offered by top notch vendors from across the state.

Non Profit and Information Booths: These booths are set up by local or national volunteer charity organizations and not for profit social groups to distibute information about their programs and services. If you are looking to become more involved in the community be sure to check them out.

For a list of Vendor booths see the FFF 08 Vendors List page of this site.


Plus don't forget the...

Professional and Amateur Talent Showcase & Contest
see the Fall Fun Fest Talent Showcase for more details on how to enter.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor or exhibitor at this event please see the Vendors Application shown on the Fall Fun Fest 2008 page of this site

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